Owens Valley students have been monitoring the changes along the Lower Owens River due to the rewatering.  The students began collecting “before” data in 2002.  Water was reintroduced to the river in 2006.  Each year 7th and 8th-grade students monitor the changes in plants, wildlife, water quality, aquatic invertebrates, soils, and stream channel morphology.

Blackrock wet 23

Blackrock upland 16

Blackrock sm1

Data collected by Owens Valley Middle School Students can be downloaded to Microsoft Access.

  • Download EWSP Database

The following student worksheets may be downloaded:

  • 6th-grade creek data worksheet
  • 7th-grade LORP data worksheet
  • 8th-grade LORP stream morph. and water quality data worksheet
  • 8th-grade soil vegetation LORP data worksheet